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The Zhaoqing Library moved to its present location, which is situated at No 96 New Eastern District, Xin’an Aven

The Zhaoqing Library moved to its present location, which is situated at No.96 New Eastern District, Xin’an Avenue West, and officially opened to the public in 2012. This new premises cover 40 acres of land area, and the total construction area is 16,500 square meters with a total cost of 115 million yuan. It is with 6 floors including an under-grounded car-park and styles itself according to the standards of a national first-class library. The library uses “the Book and the Ink-stone”as the design concept. Zhaoqing Library is also the symbolic icon of local natural landscape and cultural atmosphere, representing the rich and ancient heritage of Zhaoqing City. The library has been granted as the National First-class Library, one of the Most Beautiful Libraries in Guangdong, also is playing roles of Education Bases of Science and Technology / Meteorology / Professional and Vocational Technology, public lectures of Health / Arts and so on. In addition, it is one of the branches of China National Braille Libraries. Zhaoqing Library offers lending materials, reference, information services, exhibitions, lectures, cultural display, internet and spaces for learning, research and communication. Being an intelligent integrated library, it also holds various kinds of reading promotion and entertainment activities from time to time.

The library insists on People Oriented as its service concept. It updates and optimizes its customer services to meet readers’ various needs with the times. The vision of Zhaoqing Library is to set up itself as ’My Library, Your Study’. It’s equipped 128 devices including computers, advanced automation system with RFID technology, touch screened machines to help readers enroll, self-check in/out and research. Zhaoqing Library has 11 service desks for Papers/Magazines, Children's Literature, Natural Science, Social Science, Seniors’ /Disabled Reading Area, 24-hour Study Area, Electronic Reading Zone , Chinese Studies and Local Culture Studies. It is 100% covered with Wi-Fi to provide convenient, caring and personalized services for readers.

As the main citywide base of reading, Zhaoqing Library is carrying the reading promotion forward by regional combination and joint industries and organizations in the way of 3D as point, line and plane. It is increasing its social impact through themes of Zhaoqing Reading Festival, World Book & Copyright Day, Library Service Promotion Week, Social science Popularization Week, by holding its own branded products, such as Children Weekend Story, Children Reading Club, Seniors Book Club, public exhibitions & lectures, and local culture salons.

Contact us:

Website: www.zqlib.cn
Address: No.96 New Eastern District, Xin’an Avenue West, Zhaoqing City
Postcode: 526060
Telephone: 0758 - 2781199
Fax: 0758 - 2858980

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